JDF Memorial Shirts & Hoodies – Now Available

A Tribute to Jason David Frank

These memorial shirts and hoodies commemorate the legacy of one of the most talented, driven and successful martial artists of all time. Jason was founder of Jesus Didn’t Tap, and we have received countless requests asking for a memorial shirt in his honor. We have decided to release this shirt and hoodie to pay tribute to his life, with profit margins benefiting JDF’s family and estate. Thank you for your support!

These items are fulfilled by our printing company: Bull Shirts, Inc.

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Jesus Didn’t Tap is one of the first Christian-based MMA clothing companies to hit the scene. In the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, to “tap” is to quit or give up. The message of the Jesus Didn’t Tap line is that Jesus didn’t quit after going through unimaginable suffering and pain when he was crucified on the cross. Jesus Didn’t Tap is a clothing line with a positive message. We thank all of our supporters and customers.